TW RD_Head of Audit

July 11, 2024

TW RD_Head of Audit


  • Permanent
  • TW-Taipei City-Taipei City
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1.Perform general audit and special audit assignments in accordance with regulatory requirements.執行法令規範之一般稽核及專案稽核作業。

2.Coordinate external audits such as CPA and Examination Bureau and follow up on the improvement actions for the audit recommendations.協調會計師及主管機關查核作業或要求及後續改善事項追蹤。

3.Prepare annual audit plan, upload the plan, and update power of delegation of SA upon the request of company.編製年度稽核計畫與申報計畫,以及依公司要求更新稽核室分層負責表。

4.Prepare and update SA annual budget and timesheet upon the request of FIN.編製及依財務部要求更新稽核室年度預算與時間表。

5.Being risk management and PDP correspondent and prepare ERM report, PDP inventory list, PDP risk evaluation, and improvement plan upon the request of related dept.擔任稽核室風險管理人員及個資人員,依相關部門要求而編製風險衡量報告及個資清冊、個資風險評鑑及個資風險改善計畫。

6.Prepare semi-annual audit activity report and upload regulatory required reports in accordance with local regulations.編製半年度稽核業務報告及依法令定期申報稽核業務(含稽核人員資料、內部控制聲明書、年度稽核計畫執行情形、缺失改善情形等)。

7.Periodically update and maintain audit progress table and consolidation of audit findings and recommendations.定期更新及維護內部稽核查核進度表、查核意見及改善情形彙總表。

8. Annually prepare consolidation of internal and external audit findings and improvements and consolidate self-assessment of LKSP.每年編製內外部查核意見及缺失改善情形,以及彙總LKSP自行查核評核。

9.Prepare materials for the Internal Control Committee.準備內部控制委員會(ICC)會議報告資料。

10.Responsible for the retention of FSC inspection reports and manage dispatch of such reports.負責執行金融檢查報告之保存及提供之相關管理事宜。

11.Ad hoc assignments or projects whenever needed.其他指派工作或專案(如資訊系統權限確認、總公司每季Sub-certification、RBC資料覆核、壓力測試假設條件覆核等)。