IT Senior Program Manager

November 13, 2023

IT Senior Program Manager


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1. Identify, prioritize, and coordinate project and program resources engaged with all initiatives within the selected IT and Non-IT project portfolio.

2. Ensures proper management and optimization of resources allocated

3. Work with project teams to manage/oversee the full range of the project life cycle (initiate, plan, execute, close) for projects covering a portfolio of projects which focus on the business needs of a specific business line(s) or strategy

4. Direct the creation and maintenance of the required project portfolio documentation and artifacts; Perform regular health checks of project QA checklist

5. Identify staffing needs. As mandated and resourced by leadership, ensure and balance the availability of the required skills and competencies across project and program teams within the project portfolio.

6. Engage with and conduct regular reviews with senior business, IT, executives, stakeholder committees, the steering committee and other relevant bodies to validate and assess the project portfolio, execute change, and reprioritize to meet business needs as required.

7. Ensure the oversight and coordination of dependencies across the projects and programs in the portfolio, and resolve or escalate conflicts

8. Lead reviews of any significant initiatives, projects or programs that are challenged and provide recommendations as to whether it should continue, be significantly changed, placed on hold or discontinued.

9. Oversee, manage and leverage the entire life cycle of project investments and initiatives to optimally achieve enterprise goals and objectives

  1. Ten or more years of experience in IT and/or the financial services banking/insurance industry.
  2. Five years of diverse roles and increasing leadership responsibilities across major projects and programs.
  3. Experience managing Agile development projects and groups.
  4. Experience with Digital Transformation and customer experience improvement initiatives.
  5. Demonstrated experience in managing "upward" among senior leadership.
  6. Demonstrated experience in leading diverse teams.
  7. Substantial consulting leadership experience a plus