IT Senior Application Developer

January 23, 2024

IT Senior Application Developer


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  • TW-TPE-台北
  1. JSP, Angular, JAVA (SpringBoot), JAVA, Node.JS應用系統之功能擴充與維護。
  1. Senior programmer can independently handle customer inquiries, data collection, explanations of technical teams, give advice or comments to junior developer(s).
  2. Develops programs according to and comply with the expected schedule, cost and quality
  3. Have capability to review codes, unit test documents and provides support to developer(s), as required
  4. For projects that require several analyses, intervenes in the various activities in close collaboration with all members of the project team.
  5. To be with higher level of specialized professional knowledge, technology and experience to analyze, judge and explain the abnormal events, and provide a more efficient way to handle it
  6. Ensures compliance with and the implementation of norms and standards (rules, standards, etc.)
  7. Draft the release file and monitor its release
  8. Draft the technical analysis based on the functional analysis
  9. Update document and process accordingly.
  1. 管理確認合作廠商的工作項目與進度。20%
  1. Cooperate with teams to let System Analysis/System Design/Development / SIT structure in place limiting the impact on delivery capacity
  2. Drive vendor development progress and quality to meets expectations.
  1. 支援線上系統的問題處理。20%

The ability to nail down and to solve the online issues.

  1. 熟悉JAVA, JSP相關之前後端技術框架,並具備5年以上JAVA系統開發經驗。
  2. 能快速學習了解不同軟體框架與技術,並擁有實作整合能力。
  3. 能夠實作JAVA, JSP應用系統中安全弱點之解決方案尤佳
  4. 具有Vue、Bootstrap、JQuery, DB(SQL)開發經驗尤佳。
  5. 良好的溝通、團隊合作、獨立作業的能力