IT Production Support

April 10, 2024

IT Production Support


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Ø  To repair PMS system and contributes to maintaining and improving quality. 

l   Responsible for Policy Management System (PMS) Data Extraction, Data Fixing, Code Fixing, and Systems Batch Monitoring.

l   Data extraction / data fixing functionalization

l   Improve the existing process to avoid the recurrence of the same incident

l   Have the ability to judge the seriousness of the matter, and report (Escalate) the problem and solution

l   Senior tech support advisor can independently handle customer inquiries, and give advice or comments to junior advisor(s).

l   Contributes to suggestions for improvement within his/her activity area

l   Assisting senior technical support lead in diagnosing technical issues and providing solutions.

l   Participating in team meetings and discussions, sharing experiences and knowledge, and providing improvement suggestions for technical support processes.

Ø  To ensure user daily operation work smoothly.

l   More than 80% of the time required to complete the work independently

l   The ability to solve and find out the on-line problems and take actions to resolve a problem.

l   Speaking to customers to quickly get to the root of their problem.

l   Providing timely and accurate customer feedback.

l   Following up with clients to ensure the problem is resolved.

l   Replacing or repairing the necessary parts

l   Troubleshooting technical issues.

l   Monitor, report, and deal with issues in a timely manner.

l   More than 3 years development or maintenance experience in the insurance system with developer or production support role are required.

l   Good understanding of Java, ASP.Net, GraphTalk is Must

l   Strong mindset of problem solving and well communication with the teams is required.