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Aborigines Sustainable Education Programme – Taiwan

BNP Paribas in Taiwan supports the Aborigines Sustainable Education Programme, organised by the TECO Technology Foundation, which aims at preserving the Taiwanese indigenous culture by providing training to the aboriginal kids on their traditional singing and dancing.

Each year, after a year-long training, participating students would also have a chance to share their talent and show their traditional pride on stage with thousands of audiences. Young aboriginals from different aboriginal schools will perform with their own distinctive styles, demonstrate characteristics of their tribes and rituals in the old days, and their ancestors’ courage in defending their people against the enemies in battles.

The Aborigines Sustainable Education Programme is part of the Dream Up programme, a global education project managed by the BNP Paribas Foundation. It encourages the integration of socially excluded young people through arts practice. It is currently running in 26 countries on 5 continents and benefiting 30,000 children and young people each year.