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August 6, 2012 -

The National Palace Museum partner with the BNP Paribas Foundation and BNP Paribas Taiwan finished the restoration of a Qing Dynasty “Xi Qing Xu Jian” Mirror Case

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The National Palace Museum Taiwan (NPM) has completed the restoration of the Qing dynasty mirror case “Tang Dynasty Immortals Mirror” with much gratitude to the BNP Paribas Foundation and BNP Paribas Taiwan. The mirror case is part of the “Xi Qing Xu Jian” collections, which was stamped with the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong’s seal. This restoration project is the first BNP ParibasFoundation’s heritage conservation partnership in Taiwan. It is also the first collaborative restoration work of the NPM which combined expertise of NPM’s researchers from different specialties.

The restoration of the mirror case was finished at the end of July, after one and a half years of detailed work. During this period of time, museum researchers collected and studied the insect specimens on the mirror case, which have now served as a valuable reference for conservation methods against insect deterioration. Museum researchers also gained a better understanding of the interior structure and painting pigment of the mirror case using X-ray and Raman spectra investigations. Through a series of time-consuming and careful work, including cleaning, repairing holes, stabilization of art work and reframing, the mirror case has now been brought back to life in its original form. The research and conservation findings have been published in The National Palace Museum Monthly of Chinese Art, Issue No. 352.

In 2010, the NPM acquired ten “Xi Qing Xu Jian” mirror cases, consisting of 24 bronze mirrors which are all in the collection of the NPM. The mirror case for “Tang Dynasty Immortals Mirror,” the only surviving square-shaped, rhombus-patterned mirror, was specifically chosen for repair and investigation. “Tang Dynasty Immortals Mirror” is considered one of the most valuable bronze mirrors in terms of its shape in the collection of the NPM. According to research, “Tang Dynasty Immortals Mirror” and its case were separated before the move to the south of China. During this journey, the NPM only retained the bronze mirror itself along with its embroidery and wood accessories. Now, at last, with the help of BNP Paribas Foundation and BNP Paribas Taiwan, the mirror and the mirror case are reunited, becoming a legend in the art world.

Martine Tridde-Mazloum, Head of the BNP Paribas Foundation, said, “The BNP Paribas Foundation is a quintessential emblem of our corporate philanthropy value and the corner stone of the Group’s philanthropy initiatives for the past 28 years. This restoration project gives us the chance to show how our Foundation, which has its roots in France, is resolutely international in scope and is able to focus on local specificities. The restoration of this beautiful mirror case is the first project we have in Taiwan and it is part of several other projects we have been supporting across Asia-Pacific.” Olivier Rousselet, Country Manager for BNP Paribas in Taiwan, added, “To celebrate our 30th anniversary in Taiwan, we were given the opportunity to partner with the National Palace Museum on this restoration project last year. We are glad to hear that the restoration is finished and it will be opened for public display soon. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Museum for bringing this splendid opportunity to BNP Paribas and become part of such wonderful project. We would like to thank all the scientists, restorers, project coordinator and researchers who have been participating in this project and make it possible to bring back to life of this beautiful masterpiece.”

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